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Schedule Agent makes online scheduling easy, fast, and painless for businesses in the driving school industry. We offer a fully customizable scheduling system which allows you to monitor and maintain anything related to scheduling for your business. Here are just a few things about what we do:
Real-Time Interface
Unlike most web-based scheduling software, our software provides a real-time user interface. For example, if you were to add, remove, edit, or move a block of time on your calendar, the TimeBlock will update immediately and you can manage it on-the-fly. No more clicking a button and waiting for the entire page to reload or send you to another page.
Instructor Scheduling
Let your instructor's schedule their own availability, giving you time to focus on other important business tasks. Our system allows your instructors to login and schedule themselves or review and print their schedules. Our simple and easy to use interface is self-explanatory and your employees will learn how to use it within minutes.
Your Customers
We give your customers the opportunity to schedule when they want and not be burdened with contacting your staff to get scheduling availability and/or make appointments. Your customers can log in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and schedule on their own time, relieving your staff from being inundated with scheduling hassles.
Automation and Notifications
Automation is very important with scheduling, and we have lots of it. Automatic e-mail reminders, SMS (text messages), and real-time system notifications will keep you, your employees, and your customers informed of past, current, and future events within the system, such as a cancellations or new registrations for your location(s).
Large, medium, small... We can do it all!
Are you a small business? Perhaps a large franchise? No problem. Schedule Agent can fit in to any size business! We have large franchise clients with multiple stores and locations which have employees working at multiple locations. Don't need all those options? No problem, we also cater to small or medium size businesses, as our software can scale the options up or down depending on what your business needs..
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What others are saying:
"Schedule Agent is a great product that makes scheduling drives easy for students, instructors, and managers. One of my favorite features of Schedule Agent is the "Message of the Day" feature because it allows me to post messages regarding class and drive cancelations to all of our students. I can view all the scheduled drives at the click of a button and can switch from day, week or month mood easily. Schedule Agent makes managing drives stress free! "
Kelsey M. - 911 Driving School
"As an instructor I have found SA to be very intuitive and easy to use. It makes planning my schedule and checking drives easy! Its nice to not have to call the office for schedule updates! "
Dan B. - 911 Driving School
"As the parent of a driving school student, I found Schedule Agent to be very easy to access and intuitive to use. Also, it was very reassuring to know that the feature that limits future scheduled drives to two, meant that the most popular and convenient time slots were fairly and evenly distributed. A great system! "
Caren C. Klop
Schedule Agent is Secure!
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

Schedule Agent supports 256 bit SSL high-grade encryption. No matter which browser you use, our secure connection ensures that any information sent between your browser and our servers is encrypted and secured.
Works on any computer, any time, all the time.
When you use web-based software, you can just do your work. We take care of all the technical aspects and handle the security, uptime, backups, upgrades, and other IT/IS stuff. You can stay focused on scheduling and operating your business, we'll handle the rest.

Another great bonus to web-based software is that you never have to worry about your data. No computers, laptops, hard drives, pen/thumb drives, CDs, or other hardware to worry about. Having a work laptop stolen or getting a virus that destroys your entire hard drive -- either way you won't have to worry about Schedule Agent being affected. Simply log in to the site from any computer via your web browser, and you're done.
Powerful software, low cost, scalable pricing. No hidden fees, cancel anytime.
Unlike other scheduling applications, we have pricing options for every type of business - small or large. We cater to your businesses individual needs, thus eliminating the typical pricing structure which most companies charge you a flat rate or fee. We only want you to pay for what your business needs will require, nothing more.

How many hours do you and your staff spend contacting customers or responding to voicemail requests regarding scheduling? Imagine this number being reduced by 50%, 70%, or MORE. We've had companies switch from a paper & pencil system to Schedule Agent, which reduced their work-load by over 90%!
Living in a mobile world? No problem.
The world we live in today revolves around the use of a smart phone or other powerful mobile devices. Schedule Agent allows your managers, instructors, and customers to receive text-messages, such as a notification about a drive cancellation, or a reminder about an upcoming drive.

Giving your customers the ability to receive these notifications will reduce the time spent having to call customers and confirm appointments. In addition to receiving text-messages via cell phones, all users also receive automated e-mail reminders and notifications.
Up-time, up-time, and more up-time.
Schedule Agent has proven itself as a product which never sleeps. Over the past few years, our services have only been "offline" due to unforeseen circumstances for less than a TOTAL of 5 hours. Let's take a closer look at this: With over 25,000 hours of uptime and only 5 hours of downtime, this means that our service has a very impressive 0.01% downtime rating per year. Google's extremely popular "Gmail" service had a downtime of 0.016% in 2011.

Need live support? We have plenty of that too! Our support staff responds to phone and e-mail requests as soon as we receive them. Any questions you or your staff might have about the product receive free phone support and/or training.
Due to the nature of Schedule Agent, and each businesses individual needs, we would like to offer pricing unique to you and your business. Please use the form below to answer a few questions which will help us better serve you and your business. Upon sending the below form, please allow up to 48 hours for one of our sales agents to follow-up with you.

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